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ARC Review

Architectural Review Committee 

Castlewoods is designed to be a unique community of single family homes, estate homes, and patio homes. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has the responsibility of approving individual building plans with respect to the style, design, color of materials, location on the lot, and related matters. The ARC does not review the plans for and has no responsibility for any architectural, engineering or construction standard, suitability, fitness, or soundness. The ARC does not seek to restrict individual creativity or preferences, but rather to maintain total continuity throughout the community. As the community matures, the aesthetic relationships will become increasingly important aspects requiring resolution through the design process. Prior to the commencement of any construction activity of any type on any residential lot, plans for approval must be submitted to the ARC. Details/Documents to be included for approval that are requested by the ARC are listed on the following pages as well as specific restrictions and/or requirements. Written approval by the ARC must be received prior to the start of grading or construction. 

All owners/builders expressly acknowledge and affirm that the ARC has full authority and control over all matters relating to the approval of building plans. This authority and control extends to the review, modification, approval and disapproval of all building plans and the required implementation thereof. 

It is the owner's and/or his builder's responsibility to verify the correctness of all plans and at all times to insure that the plans conform with the requirements and guidelines set forth herein as imposed and regulated by the ARC. Further, the owner and/or builder must verify that the plans comply with any local rules, regulations or ordinances. 

The following items are required to be submitted for approval to the ARC: 

Drawn to scale including all proposed structures, sidewalks, improvements, utility and drainage easements, drainage plans, setbacks, and existing trees over 6" in diameter. 
North arrow and scale (1"= l0' or 1" = 20'). 
Owner's name, present address, and telephone number. 
Architect's/Designer's name or Owner's representative's present address and telephone number . 
Showing overall dimensions and area of structure - 1/4" scale. 
Building elevations (front, rear, 2 sides) at 1/4" scale with overall height dimensions. 
Description of al1 exterior materials, roof materials and colors. Samples should be provided.

Plans must be submitted by noon on Monday to be considered at that week's ARC meeting. 
Plans will be approved subject to the installation of silt fencing & portable toilet facilities on site. 
During construction the Property Owner will be responsible for maintaining the construction site and controlling erosion on the site. If at any time during construction the site is not maintained in an appropriate manner the association shall have the right, but not the obligation, to remove unsightly debris from the lot and/or install silt fencing. The cost shall be paid by the property owner as an assessment and the HOA has the right to place a lien on the property if the assessment is not paid. 
Landscaping plans must be submitted to the ARC for approval not less than 30 days prior to the completion of any residence. 
Construction must commence within 6 months and be completed within 12 months from ARC approval. No Building can be left unfinished. Anything left in an unfinished conditioned will be subject to fines or remedy of the Homeowners Association and the Architectural Review.

Landscape plans should be submitted to ARC prior to installation of landscaping and within 30 days prior to the completion of any residence and must be in place prior to the final building inspection. Each individual residence must install the following:
Front Yard: A minimum of 2 shade trees (preferably a hardwood species such as oak) minimum 2" cal. 10- 12" height. (In circumstances of existing hardwoods they may be waived.) 
Front Yard: 3-gallon plants for medium to large shrub types (medium size being defined as a plant whose eventual height will be at least 36"). 
Front yards must receive solid sod. No sprigging or "checker board" sodding will be accepted. The ARC may postpone or approve a substitute in rare or unusual occasions. Any deviation from any of the above guidelines must obtain approval from the ARC.

Water runoff for each individual building site must be handled by adequately sloping all areas so that runoff can be directed to the natural drainage areas along your property or to storm drainage facilities. No structure or improvements can alter the natural drainage of the site to the degree that it negatively impacts the surrounding properties. This includes installation of swimming pools as all overflow drains should spread the water onto your property or toward a storm drain; have your installer include overflow drainage plans with the ARC application install plans. 

Care must be taken to locate each structure, whenever possible, so as not to infringe upon view corridors. adjacent structures, and natural amenities of the area.

Storage and/or Axially bldg.: 
All structures should be constructed of similar material as the residence and be hidden from view by a fence. Building setbacks must comply with covenants for that specific area. None shall be portable in nature. All out buildings must be approved by ARC prior to construction.

There shall be no burning of trash, trees or other debris on the property.

Building Setbacks & Design Provisions: 
Please refer to covenants for each individual subdivision and material area for setback dimensions and specifications.

Walls and Fences: 
Fence installation is optional. A fence must be approved by the ARC prior to installation. All fencing shall be a 6' cedar good neighbor fence unless otherwise noted in the subdivision covenants for that section. 

Golf Course Fencing: 
All fencing that bounds along golf course should be iron only, not to exceed 48 inches tall. Brick or wood may be used along side lot lines, and should step down with grade with the last 24 feet, not to exceed 48 inches. Metal side fences will be considered on a case by case basis. A fence must be approved by the ARC prior to installation.

Carports are not allowed except a few old grandfathered sections. All garages must have doors. Any deviation must have prior approval of ARC.

Exterior Lighting: 
Exterior pool and landscape lighting must not infringe upon adjacent neighbors

Mail Boxes: 
Specific mailboxes are established for the community. To order an authorized mailbox (4" x 6" custom wooden) call Homeland at 601-326-7325 for a list of contractors who have the specs and correct paint color on hand or if your section requires a metal post, Kevin Dykes at Custom Creations, Inc. at 601-941-6686. Pinnacle gas lantern posts are from Copper Solutions 601-992-9955. Mailbox Specs by subdivision

Pools, Therapy Spas, and Spas: 
All criteria concerning aesthetics, site location, size, shape, decking, landscaping, fencing, etc. will be of significant concern to ARC and must be submitted for approval. Plans must include drainage plans for where the water will be directed. 

Sidewalks are required in all communities. All sidewalks should be 24" from back of curb and 48" wide with broom finish concrete. The placement of the sidewalk in relationship to back of curb and grade side to side may not exceed 5%. Expansion joints alternating with groves should be placed every 4 ft section alternating between each every 8 ft (Grove...4ft, expansion joint...4 ft, grove...4 ft, expansion joint, etc.) 

Satellite Dish: 
All satellite dishes must be approved by the ARC prior to installation and installed on the back or side's back half of the property.

Roof Requirements: 
Refer to each individual covenant for requirements.

Remodeling and Additions: 
Remodeling and additions to existing improvements are required to meet the same criteria as new construction. An approval from the ARC is required for this work just as it is for new construction.

Guideline Revision: 
The ARC reserves the right to alter, modify, or change any or all of the above guidelines at any time. It shall be the applicant's responsibility to check with the ARC before plan submittal for updated guidelines.

Patio Homes' Design Provisions: 
Refer to individual covenants for the requirements on design.

If after receiving approval from the ARC, any owner/builder fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the ARC, the ARC shall have the right to cause the owner/builder to cease construction, remove or replace any noncomplying item so that the construction shall thereafter be in compliance with these guidelines. The property owner will be assessed for any costs or fees incurred by the HOA in enforcing these guidelines and may place a lien upon the property if any fees are not paid within 30 days.