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CHOA Overview

Association Overview

The Castlewoods Homeowners Association was formed for the purpose of maintaining our beautifully designed neighborhoods. The Communities of Castlewoods residents enjoy a prestigious lifestyle with amenities that include winding through one of the finest golf courses in the State of Mississippi that includes a restaurant and options for pool and tennis membership too, a recreational park and beautifully maintained common grounds.

The Homeowners Association oversees all details necessary to maintain the current high standards created for this community. Officers and Board members, elected by their neighbors, act as supervisors governing the steady progress and maintenance of Castlewoods. 

The Association consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board of Directors. There are several committees working within the Association. Active participation and input into the function of these committees is requested from all homeowner members. 
  • The Castlewoods Homeowners Association (CHOA) and Business Office are to furnish and provide the services to the Association members and use its best efforts for the management of the Castlewoods Communities' properties. The scope of responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Comply and enforce CHOA governing documents (Association's Bylaws, Covenants, Rules and Regulations, and Architectural Guidelines)
  • Maintain property and provide for all ordinary and necessary repairs for expenses as directed by the CHOA Board of Directors 
  • In the event emergency repairs are deemed immediately necessary for the preservation and safety of the Property, avoid suspension of any service to the property, or to avoid the danger to life or property, the Property Office may make such a decision if attempts to get approval from an Executive Officer are unsuccessful 
  • Manage all complaints and requests relating to property and under direction of the CHOA Board of Directors enforce terms and conditions of governing documents of the Association 
  • Seek and secure full compliance of all CHOA members within governing documents and send notices as directed by the CHOA Board of Directors 
  • Carry out appropriate legal action to enforce terms and conditions as directed by the CHOA Board of Directors 
  • A bank account will be established and maintained with signatory authority of the Executive Officers; disbursements will require a minimum of two signatures
  • Collect all assessments, dues, fines, and any amounts due under governing documents of the Association in January of current year and deposit immediately, no later than in a three-day business timeframe to the operating account 
  • Maintain complete and accurate records in accordance with acceptable accounting principles related to receipts and disbursements in the operation and management of CHOA properties 
  • Funds under $1,500 for budgeted expenses may be disbursed as and when needed 
  • All expenses over $1,500, if deemed appropriate by the CHOA Board of Directors, will be prepared in writing and competitive bids presented to the Board for consideration and action
  • Prepare and submit an annual itemized budget for review and action by the CHOA Board of Directors on or before October 31 of each calendar year for the next calendar year based on anticipated receipts and expenses of prior years and include a management plan to implement the budget 
  • Prepare and submit a timely Monthly Operating Report of income and expenditures and supporting documentation for the previous month for review and consideration of the CHOA Board of Directors
  • Maintain contracts for utilities, pest control, landscaping, trash removal, detention pond maintenance, park & pavillion and other services deemed necessary by the CHOA Board 
  • Execute and file forms and reports as required by law and as directed by the CHOA Board
  • Maintain insurance as required by law or necessary to protect the Association and its interest including, but not limited to, public liability insurance, burglary, and theft insurance
  • Supervise advertising matters as directed by the CHOA Board of Directors 
  • Comply with all statutes, ordinances, laws, rules, regulations, orders and requirements of any federal, state, or local government including leash laws and storm water runoff  
  • Shall require and verify that all contractors performing maintenance repairs and/or alterations maintain acceptable insurance coverage and obtain waivers of liens from persons or entities furnishing labor or material on all construction and repair work of a substantial nature 
  • Perform acts necessary for property management as deemed appropriate by CHOA Board of Directors.