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Rules & Regulations

Covenants & By-Laws
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Assessment Fees
  • The only means by which the association has to financially support its activities are through the collection of assessment fees of all Castlewoods members. 
  • Dues are assessed the owner of each lot annually. 
  • Dues assessed are $238 per year and transfer fee of $100 for home sales.
  • This amounts to $19.83 per month and represents a modest sum; however, 100% participation is needed in order to achieve the goals of the Castlewoods Homeowners Association. 
  • Dues are delinquent if not paid in January of each year. A late fee of $25 will be assessed on all delinquent accounts as of Feb 1st. If not promptly paid, Liens will be placed on parcels and those filing and administrative fees will be added to the account. Assessment balances $500 and over will have judgments filed.  Assessment covers budgetary needs to keep and maintain common areas (entrances, common areas landscaping, utilities, management, playground equipment, pavilion, certain lighting, irrigation, detention pond maintenance).
Enforcement & Fines
When the Association was formed, covenants were created to maintain a high level of construction guidelines and establish excellent living standards for neighborhoods. All real estate agents are required to advise buyers of homes in the Association of the covenants so prospective buyers are aware they exist. Normally, this helps in the sale of a home because most buyers want to live in a community which insists on high living standards. 

A procedure was established to permit concerned Association members to report perceived covenant violations to the Board of Directors for action. The Board then has the responsibility to make sure a violation truly exists; and send a letter advising the homeowner of the violation and request correction. In most cases, the violation is corrected easily and quickly. If not, a series of follow up warnings and requests follow, which ultimately can lead to a fine if the violator refuses to comply with the requests. 

Section 4, Enforcement and Fines, of the Rules and Regulations of the Communities of the Castlewoods provides the following: 

Section 4. Enforcement and Fines 
b) If the violation is not corrected within fourteen (14) days, the property owner will receive a second written notification in the form of a letter signed by the Association President, to correct the violation within fourteen (14) days or be subject to legal proceedings in accordance with Section 5 c) below.

c) If the violation is not corrected in fourteen (14) days, the property owner will receive notification via Certified US Mail that the Association intends to enforce the provisions of Article XI, USE RESTRICTIONS. Specifically:
1) In accordance with Article XI, Section 13, the Association may proceed at law to compel compliance, and the property owner may incur the cost of these proceedings.

2) In accordance with Article XI, Section 5, for any violation that involves trash or debris placed on the property, the property owner may be liable to the Association for the actual cost of removal, or the sum of $150.00, whichever is greater, in addition to the costs of the proceedings to compel removal.

d) After notification of the Association’s intent to enforce the provisions of Article XI, the property owner may appear before the Board of Directors at any regular board meeting to request waiver of the proceedings. The Board, in its discretion and upon showing by the property owner of good cause, may waive the proceedings. The Board’s decision is final.